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As I imagine may be true for you, I prefer moving rather than sitting. So that means writing emails is one of my biggest challenges. That said, my intention is to answer you within 24 - 48 hours. You can help me with this intention by checking out the subject suggestions below.  Thanks, Adrienne

Beta Tester
Questions about being a Pilot program Beta Tester like "What the heck IS a Beta Tester?" Please place "Beta Tester" in the subject line.

Success Story
Do you have a success story about how you've transformed your teaching methods or yoga practice after one of my courses? Or a story about how working together in private yoga/meditation sessions has supported your health and healing? Place "Success Story" in the subject line of your message. I appreciate your taking the time to let me know.

Typo or Broken Link?
Thanks for noticing and helping out by letting me know! Can you tell me where you originally clicked so I can find the location of the broken link and fix it ASAP? Subject line: "Typo/Broken Link."  And a really big thanks from me. Amazing as it sounds to me, I am my own Web Master!