The Details

Everyone accepted receives a full scholarship
funded by an open-hearted benefactrix who chooses to remain anonymous.  When this “test drive” is complete, tuition for this course will be at least $300 and won't have the live group coaching that you will receive!

Not everyone is accepted 
The number of participants is limited by scholarship funds. If you want to be selected, please use the application to help me get to know you.

What Adrienne contributes

  • Full Scholarship
  • Short-form instructional videos (10 minutes max)
  • Worksheets guiding hands-on lab experiences
  • The "test drive" version of her book (Part One)
  • Live online group coaching support
  • Facebook feedback on your lab experiences
  • A Certificate of Completion

What you contribute

  • Completion of all learning modules and experiential labs
  • Your inspired feedback about the course
  • Participation in our “closed” Facebook group
  • 3 - 4 hours a week for 4 weeks

Your scholarship is in recognition
of your ability and desire to contribute to the development of this course. You may be asked to withdraw if you can’t complete the learning modules and assignments.

Key Dates

The next Yoga Anatomy: In the Female Form course "test drive" begins